Thursday, 7 March 2013

The bazaars at Gol Deval

Dear reader,
Late last night my friends left India. Remember, our good Norwegian friends who laughed nervously over the traffic and cried for the kids? They left with their suitcases stuffed with tailor-made clothes, tea, and Sula wine. Their camera card was full and they left with a smile on their lips and tears in their eyes. You know - when the hugs that are just never many enough. Well, today I decided to ease the pain of our emotional farewell, by keeping myself busy, so I headed out to the bustling markets in south Mumbai - to be more specific: to the Gol Deval temple area.

It is difficult to miss the temple itself, as it is placed right in the middle of the road! And a walk in the narrow alleyways was heaven for a curious soul like myself. I enjoyed the Crawford market- but this market was packed with stalls for selling stuff I didn't even know existed!

The stalls for wedding-stuff were great; so colourful, shiny and bright. And they had everything: colour for henna-paint, all-in-one boxes for the bride, decorations- (some made of money), hat for the groom, accessoir for the bride, garlands, glitter and gifts of all kinds. Just have a look:

See what I mean? There was also a vegetable market in there- quite clean and with the vegetables neatly put on display, piled up in small pyramids.

The grandpa was very eager to have their pics taken . Not convinced the grandson shared his enthusiasm..:-)

We also went to a nice shop selling cloth bags (great for shopping), and one for watercontainers of ceramics, one for kitchen stuff, and one for disposable plates - made of a kind of leaf -  so much better than plastic! Just to mention a few...

Great cloth bags for sale here!

For keeping the water chilled during Indian summer..

Lots of kitchen stuff..
Sharpening the knives..
Disposable plates made of leaves..

Let sandalwood and other fragrances fill your house..:-)
And one small street was filled with stalls with bracelets and other jewelry. Took some time to pass that street...

Bangles in any colour and shape you like:-)
And just on the opposite side of the road was this nice juice bar - they told us that now when it is getting summer in India- (basically means that the temperature goes from 30'C to 40'C...) fresh made sugar cane juice is a very popular drink!

So, after a refreshing sugar cane juice you may regain your strength to continue further on to the Chor Bazaar - just around the corner... but that is another story... Stay tuned dear reader.

Ta ta - from Mumbai!

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