Sunday, 17 March 2013

Animal Moments in Mumbai

Dear reader,
No, no, this is neither a Mumbai Zoo Tale nor did I go on a sweaty Sunday Jungle Safari today  (I actually had a very lazy Sunday...) Today I simply wanted to drop in, to show you some memorable moments.. You see, many of the animals here are quite exotic for us Europeans. Actually, not too many years ago, jungle life ruled in the area we live in. A National Park is located just north of Powai, so the leopards live just next door, and in Powai lakes there are crocodiles (I had to see that in a picture to believe it!.)

My most exotic animal  moment was the evening I was going home in the car. Waiting for green light at the signal - on the left side of the car - a huge shadow - an elephant - also waiting for the light to change..? I was lost for words and couldn't mooove, so that moment was not caught on camera.

But some other animal moments were captured, so a few photos for you today... Ok, well, maybe cows and dog are not that exotic. For a foreigner it is still fascinating to see the cows stroll around in between cars and people. This cow was almost following me into the car, veeery friendly:-)

And don't you just love this little guy?  - chillin' at a sunbed too! The squirrels are many - and some of them are quite tame - and brave!

Just like the cows, it is quite usual to see goats around in Mumbai - also just by the main streets. This little one was one of a hurd - just by Haji Ali.

And then - the monkeys ... This one is a Malaysian monkey - but just up in the National Park here you will meet them. And hold on to your items! A friend told me that when she went there,  a monkey snapped her water bottle, opened it (!) and sat down to drink from it just next to her:-)

My exotic favorite is the green parrot! One of the first morning at our house here, they woke me up - and I often see them fly by our balcony- usually in the morning. And yes, I say them, because they are always 3-4 or more together. Beautiful creatures - and so see them flying around free like this is wonderful.

And to finish my animal tale with the animal I see and hear all around-  day and night -  the dog...  I just love this moment in hanging garden - no tourists or guards around - just so peaceful, and a perfect moment to relaaax! 
Good night from Mumbai:-)

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