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Dining in Powai

Dear reader,
Maybe you have been following my intense search for good dining out places in Mumbai? To many of my favorite places, we have to driiiiive - and quite a long drive away from where we live too! And we do spend a loooot of time in our car here in Mumbai. Powai-Bandra-BKC-Bandra-South Mumbai- Lower Parel- and here-we-go-again..and again! Puh!!!

Well, here where we live, we usually don't need the car - when we go dining in the area. Remember I told you about the area we live in: Powai? So nice then - on totally car-less-days -  just to head out in our own neighborhood, strolling in one of the parks, on the wide pavements, only to end up having dinner at one of the many restaurants around. And of course: coffee at Starbucks is a must... So, what places do we like in Powai? We all have our favorites right? This is not a complete list of all dining places in Powai. Oh no! They joy of having a personal blog is that you can focus on your favorites. So, this is the top list for my family (so far) :

Red Olives has to be on my top spot. You see, Red Olives was the first restaurant I ever went to in Powai. (That was back then when I was still just visiting, to see if we wanted to move here or not.) I was just blown away by the grand decor, the large number of smiling waitors, the fancy opening trick with the napkin (seen that?), the enormous menu and the cheese-stuffed nan bread. Hm, actually, we haven't been there for a while now. Must go again to check that it is not on top of my list for sentimental reasons alone right?!

Chili's. Well, what do you expect? We have teens - so this just has to be on the top list. Walking in the first time - took us back to USA visits, and the menu was just so -- you know - familiar. Ok, I admit: not to bad for adults either - with the very happy happy hour. Let the margaritas keep coming!

Cafe Mangij is popular amongst both the teens and the adults. Visiting grandparents and friends also liked it there. The one here in Powai has both a very nice outdoor area and a large indoor restaurant. They serve mostly Italian food,and especially the thin-crust pizzas are a hit with my teens. (Although Pizza Hut's Peperoni pizza takes the top spot for my son in the Pizza category)

Mia Cucina is situated close to Mangij, and also serves tasty italian food. A small and cosy indoor area with attentive staff. More popular with mum than with the rest of the family I must say (I like the atmosphere there - can't really put more words on it than that..?)

Breeze - a nice new addition, mostly because of the stunning view, and an outdoor area (hurray!) - you can enjoy the sunset with a drink and a bite up there. A Mediterranean inspired menu, but my Greek was not too impressed with the food - only vegetarian! And be aware that they have a strict dress-code: no shorts, no sandals - and by the way: no children either! Hm..

Zitar is also a new restaurant in Powai, and we went there for the first time last week. They serve Indian food. We were a bit unlucky with some of the dishes, but the service was nice and professional when they were making up for it. Also be prepared for quite spicy food - for westerns ( we had our newly arrived visitors with us) - even though the waitors claimed it was not spicy at all. Not too bad though, and we might give it a second try? The adults were more positive than the teens.

Also: want to add that Mainland China is popular amongst my teens - and a welcomed change from the Indian-Norwegian-Greek cuisine we offer them. Large menu and tasty food, we think:-)

And not to forget: most of theese, offer home-delivery services as well! Oh, how I love that part of India! - the home delivery services!  And for us it takes around half an hour, and the meal is at your door! Amazing:-)

Feel free to send me your own tips for dining-places in Powai- always nice to test out new places!
Also, I enjoy theese webpages which gives a good overview of dining places:

 Good evening from Mumbai! Stay tuned dear reader:-)

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