Monday, 11 March 2013

On radio: "Gatelangs in Mumbai"

Dear reader,
I hope you have had a nice start of your week? Nothing like Mondays eh? A new fresh week with days lined up in front of us. I remember when I first came to India last year. Coming from a busy life with a full time job, I was terrified that I would just sit around doing nothing, so I signed up for all activities I could possibly find!

Well, I had to make some priorities along the way, and now I just feel lucky that I have this possibility - to choose, to fill my own days, to make my weeks. To write, to work with what I like. And believe me: no need to sit around and be bored in Mumbai! Here in Powai we have a very active network and a lot of activities going on. Today we had the monthly coffee morning, and this month I was hosting: so as I watched all these lovely ladies, from all over the world, filling up my living room, it just struck me again:  How lucky I am to get to know all these amazing ladies. It is such an exciting international world we are a part of!

Later today, I was sitting preparing the Basic English class where I'll go tomorrow. You see, readers, I am so excited because so many positive things are happening there and I enjoy to be a part of what they are doing. And you might remember that last month there was a journalist from Norway with me to the slumhutarea? Well, I guess she was a bit overwhelmed by all the impressions she got in Mumbai. So, the days she stayed here, actually led out to more than one radio programme.

The first one went on air 28.02, and is a really nice general - along-the-streets-in-Mumbai - story. You can listen to it: Ekko: Gatelangs i Mumbai (along the streets in Mumbai) on the webpages of NRK. You need to find Ekko. And: Then klick at: 28.02 (17:30 - 18:00) . It's in Norwegian, but the sound and feeling of the city will be familiar also to the non-Norwegian speakers. I will let you know when the next programmes will be sent, and in the meantime: I hope you enjoy this one.

And I tell you: if you are not in Mumbai: listening to the programme will really make you feel that you are here!

Have a wonderful week! Good evening, and stay tuned:-)


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