Friday, 22 March 2013

A treasure hunt at Chor's Bazaar?

Dear reader,
I love bazaars and markets! All the people, the piles of strange things for sale, the game of bargain and the bustling atmosphere. Take all that and add some dust, heat, cows and all the colors you can find- and spice it up with even more traffic, people, sounds and smells -and there you go: the markets in Mumbai! I went to the Crawford market and to the markets close to Gol Deval temple - and now it was time for the market I had heard the most about: The Chor Bazaar- the thieves' bazaar. 
Chor Bazaar is a quite organized flea market. The market was originally called Shor Bazaar, ( noisy market), but the British started to pronounce it chor. And maybe it is both?! It is said anyway that stolen goods in Mumbai has a tendency to end up for sale at Chor Bazaar. So if you loose any of your items, maybe you will find it again here? A popular story is that a violin and some other items belonging to Queen Victoria went missing when she was visiting Bombay. They were later found for sale in the Chor Bazaar...
In the bazaar you can get anything: old Bollywood posters, authentic Victorian furniture, toys, boxes, replacement parts for cars... well actually,in stead of making a long boring list here, let me show you some of the things I saw: 
Fancy a (new) cookie box with Charles and Diana? 

Or what about a cassette- player- remember these from the -80'?  

Old Bollywood film posters for sale.

Or one of these for playing some real music??

Lots and lots of little stuff here!
And this is for showing my teens what a real phone looked like - back when mum was young! Miss them? 
More film-posters! 

I liked the expression on this ones face:-) 

Ahhh- Bruce Lee!

Wanna buy some money? 

Or do you want to go home with this under your arm?
When shopping at Chor's it is an absolute must to bargain! And it can be a biiit more advanced than bargain when you go shoe-shopping! A friend of mine got a bench from here, and she told me that she went back numerous times over a period of 2 months! Every time she showed up, the shop-keeper remembered both her and the price they had discussed the last time she was there. Well, the bench is at her house and it looks beautiful - so keep the spirit up! Maybe also you will find exactly the thing you have been searching for - for years - in Chor's Bazaar? 
Happy weekend dear reader! 

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