Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sweet summer parties and sad goodbyes

Ok, dear reader- buckle up - here we go again! I have another -packed with emotions - Mumbai tale for you. Because that is what it is about today! The summer parties are lining up, and they all come with a bitter - sweet taste - because they do include a goodbye-element of some sort, in addition to being a party. (A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement). And the farewells are just not my favorite part! But - as we are closing up on the summer, whether I like it or not - some friends are leaving Mumbai. For good. Remember my Christmas Farewell Tale? Well, same thing all over again! Saturday I went to a party for a friend, a fellow curious explorer soul. It is sad, knowing that she left on a one-way ticket out of Mumbai. But I am glad I got to know her at all, though! That's the spirit right?

Today, another summer party was up, at the NGO where I work as a volunteer. We gathered in the community house in the slumhut area. We had all dressed up- after all it is a party, - we had speeches, activities, games and competitions in addition to juice & snacks and just socializing. We were all in a party-kind-of -mood, talking and laughing and of course with Bollywood music on the speakers.
Patiently waiting for the programme to start:-) 

Homemade vase and flower for The Volunteer (also known as The Very Emotional Foreigner

Confused expat in the craft group

Intense concentration during drawing competition 

A-ha! That was how it was suppose to look like... 
So, for a very long time, the party was in a party mood, and so was I! We were chatting and laughing, and talking about all the fun stuff we were going to do. There were dancing ( I'll tell you more about that another day) I was having a wonderful time, great party! But, oh dear reader, - along came the goodbye-element. Because even though I will go to the office, our classes will take summer holiday from next week, so no more classes before August. Argh! That moment, that moment when they realize and I realize that we will not see each other again before August! Nooooo! They gather around me. We take pictures. More pictures. They stare at me- and in a blink of a moment the party-mood is gone. I swallow. They hug me, I hug them and I hear their declarations (while fighting a growing urge to break down and cry):  I will really miss you! Really really miss you! Don't go! You promise to come back? Sure, promise?Come back, ok?  

I will. Of course I will. And as I head home in the car, my emotions find their way. Tears dripping down at the handmade vase and the flower they gave me. Oh, these parties! So full of joy, and yet these farewells..! The ups and downs. I am happy they are all part of my life: my friends. But I really dislike the farewells!

Well, don't say I didn't warn you...  - yet another emotional day in Mumbai...!:-)

I hope you had a good day today, dear reader! I did, believe me - in a strange sort of way..

Stay tuned:-)

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