Monday, 27 May 2013

Dining indoor inside in Mumbai

Oh, dear reader - India has taken my relatively limited home-delivery experience to a whole new level! Well, it happened in Norway too: especially on rainy/snowy/icy/windy/- days - when staying inside was too tempting, and the fridge was too empty, and-what-will-we-have-for-dinner? So- we would call- usually for a pizza - delivered through rain and snow to our doorstep within an hour.

Please do not let me sound like a spoiled brat now, but here in India  I have called homedelivery a few times lately - because it was just tooooo hot outside! There! I've said it. Yes, yes, I do remember my frantic search for outdoor outside restaurants in Mumbai, but hey-  that was like 15 degrees ago! And I haven't seen a raindrop in 8-eight months. Honestly! Eight months, guys! And it is really hot.

No, no, I am not complaining, and we haven't stopped going to restaurants, but some days - oh how wonderful it is - just to call home delivery! It is really one of the amazing things in India- you can have anything delivered at your doorstep- anytime! And my point is: that includes also the most delicious dinner dishes - signed, sealed & delivered at your very doorstep. But what to choose? Pizza ( half an hour delivery time in India! ) or other Italian? Butter chicken & Nan or other Indian dishes from Zitar or maybe from Great Punjab? Or Chinese, Asian, Mexican or multi-cuisine?  You can find an overview of home delivery restaurants on zomato

Doesn't it sound great? It is! Talking to expats who are leaving Mumbai for good - they say that the home delivery service and the tailors are something they will miss when they leave India. So, yes, the summer parties and sad farewells are still on, the heat is on, and the monsoon time is almost here..   Not a drop of rain in 8 months... Wonder what it looks like...:-) :-)

Have a wonderful start of the week, dear reader! Ta ta from Mumbai!

Not any Greek-home-deliveries in sight - this is from Goa:-) 

Still think I prefer dining outside - and with the sea&sunset:-)
Doesn't get better than that!? 

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