Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Mary Murphy Moment

So there I was, placed on a plastic chair behind a desk, in company with the 2 other jugdes: a drawing teacher and a social worker. Our task was given to us: we should decide who should win (and come 2' and 3') in the dancing competition we had at the NGO summer party. -You must take notes, the drawing teacher instructed me, pointing at the paper in front of me - to decide who is the best!  I nodded, sensing already that this was going to a hard task to complete... What if I wanted them all to win? 

And on stage they went, an endless stream of excited girls and boys in their best clothes. Shiny colorful clothes. Some of the kids looked serious but most were sooo cheerful - giggling their way through the dance. Modern dance and traditional dance. Dances from a long row of Bollywood films. Slow rhythms and quick rhythms. 6 year olds and 17 year olds. So much laughter and happiness! And the crowd went crazy eeevery time: applauding, singing, cheering, standing up and dancing along! A very enthusiastic audience and a very happy expat! And there was my Mary Murphy moment - You know- The So You Think You Can Dance - judge, known for regularly holding up her hands and screaming enthusiastically as a form of praise, along with giggling constantly during performances she enjoys. I was sooooo there, dear reader! And as I had suspected: I just loved every single performance, every dance and every single child who just gave it all.

See what I mean? And I sighed to my co- judges: - Oh, it is going to be so hard to decide, they are so different. Maybe we can give them all a small award? Hopeless, I know, but you see, they were all so great! How to choose? - You must pick a winner. They expect that. And so we did, but by the sound of it, none of the contestants will give up their dance passion just because they didn't win. Not a chance. 

They still do think they can dance, and then so do I! 

Good evening from Mumbai dear reader! 


  1. Hello,

    I really liked your article and the captivating photos of the enthusiastic children :) I am from Mumbai and its great to see the passion and love that children express for the local culture and art. I hope you goi to see some traditional dances!



    1. Thank you so much for your kind words:-) Yes, it was wonderful - and so many great dances. best, Eli


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