Sunday, 5 May 2013

A wedding in India

Dear reader,
My own wedding was a true Big Fat Greek weeding. Hundreds of guests, tons of food, live music, dancing - and all of it just by the edge of the Aegean Sea. And do not think that the party ended when The Greek and I waved the cheering ecstatic crowd goodbye (to go honeymooning). Oh no! They kept the party going, dancing and singing all night song, leaving behind eternal stories like when my own late beloved grandfather and auntie Despina owned the dance floor in the most hilarious dance show ever! Still today, after almost 20 years,  when we meet up with family and friends in other people's weddings they whisper to us: - Nice wedding this once- but nothing compared to yours'. My God what a night!

Last year we were invited to our first wedding in India. It was such a pleasure to attend the wonderful Buddhist ceremony, filled with flowers, symbols, emotions and joy. We were so grateful to be a part of their moment. And this weekend- we had a whole family outing - to a dear friend's wedding! A Hindu wedding.

After entering through a doorway draped in curtains in different shades of pink, we found ourselves placed in chairs in from of a heavily decorated stage. I had been told that Hindu weddings can go on for days, and that it can be quite different from place to place and from family to family. So many steps, so many things happening one after the other: symbolism, colors, flowers. or even better, let me show you:

The stage was filled with ladies in colorful sarees, and they were performing a puja. After a while, we were given a handful of colored rice and we all went up on the stage- to throw it on the couple. We were told not to throw all the rice all at once, because it had to last for 7-seven - throws! That was a lot of fun!
For good luck they said as to why the lemon was on the knife:-) 
Blessings and a very joyful bride and groom...
Could have something to do with The Greek cheering from the sideline:-) 
We got bindis on the forehead and were given red roses and sweets.
The ceremony took place on the stage.

Blessings. See the wonderful fresh flowers?:-) 
Together in the heart:-)  
So, while we were sitting there, following the ceremony on stage, we noticed that people around us were walking to and fro, back and forth. Some were coming over to chat with us, some were going out. Some people left, and some new came in. We were offered water and juice, and it was like the party was already on. We are thankful to our friends who invited us! A memorable and exotic experience!

And since I started this post in Greece, let me finish with some greetings to our family and friends. Today is Easter Sunday in Greece, and I suspect they are all out celebrating now: Lamb souvla, music and dance! Way to party Greece, way to party! We are with you in our hearts and minds!

Good evening from Mumbai!



  1. you are mixing and interacting with locals in Mumbai, its nice, its far from your country,weather and culture are different, different is the language, but its a part of the same world, feel homely,you are welcome....wish your well being...

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words:-) Wish you the best too:-)

  2. Wow!
    This is a typical "Maharashtrian"style wedding. This is exactly how I got marries too. Love Indian weddings. Great food, dance and lots of gorgeous clothes!

    1. Aaa- your wedding must have been wonderful then, Asmita!? I love Indian weddings too- so colorful and with fantastic atmosphere! We were so happy to be there:-) Thanks for commenting and warm thoughts to you:-)


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