Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Our Library is growing..

Thidwick The Big-Harted Moose, Mr. Nonsense, Little Miss Twins, Sophie on Safari, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, The Runaway Racehorse, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, I Wish I Had Duck Feet, I'll teach My Dog 100 words....  

Ha, ha, ha, Raj can't stop laughing: teach my dog 100 words!? That is the craziest thing he has ever heard - Dogs don't talk, do they?! But I can see he is curious - he might borrow exactly that book: I'll teach My Dog 100 words! And Clara might go for The Runaway Horse, she is carefully looking through the pages.. Hm, or Sophie on Safari- that one looks fun too?!  
Hm... Which one to choose? And this impressed me: - all the 25 kids today went off with 1 or 2 books!They of course all wanted one of the new books, and the funny-looking ones were most popular..:-) Of course!
Yes, dear reader, we are talking about books. Our tiny, little library is growing bigger - just as I wanted it to! Today I brought more books, some donated and some bought, and now we have games there too. Flash cards, letter games, puzzles. And the children show up, week after week, even though it is steaming hot in Mumbai and even though they have summer vacation from their ordinary school. They are there, greeting me with big smiles, patiently waiting for the class to start. And how I loved it today - when the smiles got bigger and bigger - as they discovered the books - some of the new and so shiny! They couldn't believe they would be the first ones to read them!
Summer vacation and the kids are running to the classes!
More homework, more pupils ( they bring along
 a friend, neighbor or a cousin) , and more books to read- yeah!!! 
A kind of a chaotic moment, when they all want to check out the newest additions to our library:-) 
And after class, as I walk through the narrow dark alleyways, smiling goodbye to the people, the emotions overwhelm me. Thinking about the book Oh, The Places You'll Go! and how Bhakti was holding on to it- she hardly had time to say goodbye - she was so occupied with the book- couldn't wait to start reading it! I walk into the sunshine, and drive away in the AC car- but my mind is still left back there. The eager-to-learn-pupils, the questions, the enthusiasm, their laughter when we repeated the head-shoulder-knees and toes dance - which we learned when the backpackers were visiting. You can, by the way,  read about their visit to my NGO on my cousin's blog - and - follow their post-Mumbai Indian adventures here.

PS: if you want to sponsor a child - you can!:-)  For low-income families like these, that could mean that they can keep their child in school, and not having to put her/ him into work. And that could be life changing.. It will only cost you around 25 Euros a month.... Have a look here.   

Bye bye from Mumbai! 

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