Saturday, 25 May 2013


-Is it ready-made or tailor-made? She gently touches my blouse, trying to figure it out. She is looking at the fabric, looking at me- a random meeting with a woman I have never seen before, but still she is there: admiring my blouse: needs to know ... - Ah, hm - it is ready made, I confess.. - Nice, eh? She nods her head a bit in the way they do here in India, smiles a bit and walks off - can't really say if she liked my blouse in the end or not.

Oh, dear reader, these questions that pop up here in India.. - about things that were never an issue in my pre-expat-Indian-life..To tan or detan?- for example. And then if your clothes are ready made or not? I giggle by the idea of asking my friends and family in Europe if their clothes are ready-made or tailor made? Ha ha - they will send me the weirdest looks, I guarantee you!

I have already shared with you my fascination for the tailors. They do really good work, and I have to admit: that more and more of our clothes are tailor-made.. We have this amazing tailor who really does wonders - he can make any kind of jeans, trousers, shorts, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts and suits. He can copy my favorite piece of clothing or work on an idea I have - and make something real out of it.

In addition to him, I have also discovered a wonderful tailor, living quite close to our home: she has a few sewing machines in a rather shabby looking hut, but she creates the most wonderful outfits, and can also transform a kind of creative idea I have -into a wonderful piece of clothing. Blouses, kurtas, salwaar kameez, dresses, skirts, sarees and trousers- you name it and she will make them. And how fun it is, to something in your favorite color, pick the fabric, decorate it as you like, and have it in your size only! And you just know that you will wear that outfit again and again and again- because it is just perfect! Noooope, dear reader, I don't think I will wear to much ready-made after this....

We also brought most of our visitors to our tailor(s), and some of them ended up with way more clothes than they originally had planned to order. But hey- what's not to love about it? Having cheap quality clothes made (and designed by yourself if you like)  - in your size only? One of a kind, dear reader, one of a kind!

The stylish backpacker freshening up his collection:-)
Pick and choose any fabric you like! 
You can have anything made- also Indian outfits-
bring out your inner Diva in a blinking Saree or Salwaar Kameez! 
Good evening from Mumbai!

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