Saturday, 28 September 2013

The joy of presents

Dear reader,
When you are reading this, I am not in Mumbai! Because, finally my turn has come - after patiently (relatively speaking) listening to enthusiastic friends and their endless travel-India-stories, participating as active as I possibly could in other people's travel-plannings, sending out guinea-pigs to travel and drooling over pictures of temples, palaces, monkeys and beaches - we are off! Off to explore some parts of India where I have never been, and to where I always wanted to go! I am curious about new places - they are like small unknown presents that I look forward to open - who knows what I will find?  

I did some good discoveries in Mumbai lately though! I found Status. Well, to be honest, a good friend took me there (thanks sweetie!) - and oh joy: Their specialty is thali! - My all time favorite Indian dish so far. I wrote a hymn to the thali already, and I was not disappointed at Status either. These small bowl - each one like a tiny culinary present! Close your eyes and open each one by tasting it - one after the other. And a thali meal can last forever, you sit there; chat and laugh and there is an even stream of waiters - coming over to fill up your bowls. Yummy!! So, I am praising the exotic flavors and my Indian friend says to me: - But, next time, we go for Italian - that is exotic to me:-) So true!

So, speaking of presents - I celebrated my birthday, and my favorite part of the day was the kind, sweet, lovely messages I got from people in my life. From my loved ones here, from Greece, from Norway, from India. A dear friend surprised me with champagne and another brought me flowers. I was so grateful for each and one who remembered me. For me it is so important to always remember so tell someone that you appreciate them, that you care for them, that they mean something to you. To be generous with the kind words and with the smiles. To me that is some of the best presents in life.

Have a wonderful day, dear reader. And stay tuned - who knows from where I will pop up the next time:-)  


  1. A Happy Belated Birthday to you!

    PS: Thalis are the most amazing thing. Love them!

    1. Thank you so much fellow thali-lover:-) best to you:-)

  2. Grattis i efterskott....hope you had a good one...jag måste ju bara testa thali jag med...hoppas du ,ni får en underbar resa...längtar efter att få läsa om det....enjoy ...sanna

    1. Tusen takk snille du:-) Ja, thali er wonderful:-) Beste tanker til deg:-)


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