Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happy Teacher's Day!

Did you also have this teacher? The one you can not forget? The one who inspired you, who believed in you and who supported you? The teacher you can still hear the voice of, and whose image pop up in your mind from time to time? Or maybe you still have that teacher? Well, today is the perfect day to show your gratitude:-)

Today we celebrate teacher's day here in India. The children go off to school - excited and ready to greet their teachers, some with a sweaty flower in their hand, some with a card, and some with a shy smile and a kind word: Happy Teacher's Day! I am happy you are my teacher! I appreciate what you do! At some schools they organize thank-you-teacher-lunches, and bring homemade food for their teachers, and others bring cakes, sweets or a small gift. 

I am grateful for the teachers I have had in my life, as a child, and also as a grown-up, because it is never to late to learn, right? And I am grateful for the wonderful teachers my kids have and have had. Thank you all for the amazing work you do! And do check out this: The Indian Times posted a 10 points list of the best quotes - on what could be the most important job in the whole world. Good read!

I find this day perfect for recommending this special little book about a teacher and his student. And about lessons on life. We recently read it in my book club and had some wonderful talks on life, death, love, family, regrets, forgiveness, the world, emotions and culture - (just to mention a few).  You will meet a wonderful teacher in this book, and maybe learn some interesting lessons? A must-read!  

So, Happy Teacher's Day- to all you wonderful teachers out there! Be proud of what you do! And yes, you do make a difference:-)  

PS: And I'll finish with the word of a Greek (surprise, surprise) :
Those who educate children well,  are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well. ( Aristotle)

Live well everyone, and thanks for reading my blog:-) 

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