Monday, 16 September 2013

And then the Greek Gods arrived

Bombay Times 15.9
- and with them - Mariketty, and we welcome her with open arms! Because Mariketty is Mariketty, and also because she brings along her Greek chef, a fabulous menu ( Greek food - what else?! ) - and her aura: warm welcoming Greek atmosphere. It is like coming home! The teens are thrilled, The Greek is beyond ecstatic, and I myself can barely control my enthusiasm!  Whoopa!

Because, remember our Great Dining-With-Greek-Gods-in-Goa feasts? The amazing taverna Thalassa has now come to Mumbai (with chef - owner Mariketty). They will have a Pop-Up restaurant in the localities of Olive for the next months. I think they want to test us out - Mumbai-people...:-)

As for me, you had me at the first olive, Mariketty!

I can only warmly recommend Thalassa to anyone who cares to listen to me. The only thing missing is the fabulous view to The Thalassa (=the sea), but, hey- I am not going to be picky:-) Check it out for yourself. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Kalamata olives
Yoummy yoummy...

The nice localities of Olive

teenage yoummy
And ladies- be sure to check out the small shop - put preferable before the meal....
Want to check it out? You find Thalassa at Olive Bar&Kitchen. Amateur Riders Club, Mahalaxmi Race Course. And the Olive in Bandra offers a Thalassa-dish or two, in addition to their regular menu.

Kali oreksi! 


  1. Those yoummy stuffs are so tempting Eli :)

    1. Oh yes... so happy to find them in this Pop -up place:-) Have a good evening Jahid, and thanks:-)


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