Saturday, 14 September 2013

Farewell Ganesha - see you again!

So, there I am, walking in the rain on a muddy path leading up to a lake. I am clinging to my umbrella, and try not to loose my bag and camera while I simultaneously attempt to:
- Take pictures
- Not loose sight of my family and friends
- Smile and thank the smiling strangers who offer me fruit, nuts and sweets
- Not slip and fall
- Shout Ganpati Bappa Morya... - and some more words

Around us there is a constant flow of small processions of people, following their Ganesh to the final journey for this year. Some are dancing to the drums. Most are shouting: Ganpati Bappa Morya, Purchya Varshi Laukariya ( O Father Ganesha, come again early next year) The atmosphere is electric. But let me begin with the beginning:

We had been invited to some friends' home, remember?  ( thank you so much again, Girish & family:-) to follow their Immersion. Last Monday was the beginning of the festival, and yesterday was a big immersion day for the Ganeshas in people's homes. The smaller ones. (which basically means that millions of people in Maharastra went to immerse their Ganesh yesterday).

So, first we gathered in our friends' home. They have done Pujas twice a day since Monday, and now it was time to do the last one. We joined in.

After we had done the last puja, it was time for Ganesha and His procession (including US) - to leave the house. By then it was raining a lot, so we decided to go by car. And no surprise who got the front seat..:-)

The car left us at a pretty chaotic spot. There were music playing, speakers on, drums, and all around us small Ganesha processions appeared - at foot, from rickshaws and from cars- and they all headed up the hill, towards the lake. So did we.  
Arriving with their Ganesha...
But hang on, before reaching the lake, we stopped (like all the other processions) to do one final offering for Ganesha. It included breaking a coconut, the symbol for human ego (a hard nut to crack). Only to use force and do your best - to break your ego, you will overcome obstacles and release your inner energy.

There were large tables set up on the hillside, and all around us, the other processions stopped, placed their Ganesha on the table to do the last offerings. People were walking around, offering each other fruit, nuts and sweets. - Ganesha is the God for everybody, and this is blessed by Him. Like one big street-party really, lovely! Except for the fact that they were there to say goodbye to Ganesha. Our friend said: - It feels a bit sad, because He has been part of our lives now, and the house will feel empty when He is gone.
Everybody gave each other sweets,nuts and fruit. Love the little guy's expression here... 

Final offerings - and many looked quite sad...

One of the bigger ones we saw today...

Final offerings to Ganesha- and rain is still pouring... 
After the final blessings, (and stuffing ourselves with goodies), we continued towards the lake. At one point the Ganesha-carryer had to go one way - and the rest of us another. He then had to give his idol to someone taking Him down to the water.
Last holding of Ganesha before seeing Him off..

The blue-t-shirt guys was the trusted people to take the Ganeshas down to the little lake. 
Then we gathered at a small temple. Our friends, who now had an empty tray, received a small piece of clay to take home, to place where Ganesha had been, to fill the void.

So, dear reader, Ganesha departed, but will for sure be welcomed next year with equal enthusiasm! 

And hey - that was only the small home - Ganeshas. More will be immersed tomorrow. As for the really huge community Ganeshas: we will bid farewell to them next week, at the end of the festival! 

So, my Ganesha tale might not have seen The End quite yet. Farewell for now, Ganesha, see you again! 



  1. Beautiful account of the Ganesha Visarjan day. Lovely pictures and you have described the scenes beautifully. Have a nice day Eli :)

    1. Thank you so much Arti:-) It was such a wonderful experience (in spite of the rain:-)) Warm thoughts back:-)

  2. How wonderful, Eli. Thanks for sharing your experiences. So nice to connect with you on Indiblogger.

    1. Thanks sweet Corinne:-) So happy to connect with you too. Have a good evening:-)

  3. Your posts on ganesha festival was too good dear:-)

    1. Thank you so much Shwetha - your positive comments always makes me so happy:-) Have a wonderful evening:-)


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