Sunday, 1 September 2013

A spiritual time-out

This week, I have been on a spiritual journey, dear reader. Every day, for hours, I have explored - and discovered - various sides of myself. And, to be honest, I started out, more on the skeptical side, but today I sit here, feeling calm, happy, enriched and - a bit surprised.  India, what are you doing to me? :-) Not only has my understanding for yoga deepened, but now also ... meditation?!

And I get it now. I do. And I discovered that I was not too restless to understand. I get how meditation can improve life quality, and why people who seek spiritual renewal find their way to India. Why they stay at the ashrams and retreat centers around the country, to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda healing. Why they participate in by-donation programs and go to wellness retreats in search for self-discovery, stress-reduction and improvement in wellness and well being. And I feel lucky- because - well, here I am - in India.

For me it has been a week- not like other weeks - more of a spiritual time-out- and I will use my new insight in my everyday life, for sure. I hope that your week has been good week, dear reader, and I wish you a continuous wonderful weekend. Thank you for following, and enjoy your moment:-)

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow's still a mystery. Live today:-)  


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