Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The growing-up-Sikh and a curious Greek

A while ago, The Greek went to represent our family at a big event. He had to cover his hair with a turban-looking piece of cloth and sit with his long feet gathered close to his body and - watch the ceremony in silence.... Guess what? He loved it! He was honored, happy and moved - and couldn't stop talking about this colorful, happy and venerable event. The celebration of a sikh growing up -  from a boy to a man.

Living in India has brought us new knowledge about culture, history, language - and religion. We have danced in Hindu festivals, been blessed in temples, churches and mosques. We have been to Hindu wedding and to Buddhist wedding, and we have learned about Jains, Parsis, Muslims, Hare Krishnas ...and Sikhs.

It is interesting to get to know sikhs personally and learn about their way of life. Learn about how their ideal is to embody the qualities of a so called saint-soldier, which basically means to love God, to keep God in the heart and to feel God's nearness and also that they are expected to be strong, courageous and ready to fight to protect weak people from cruelty and from unjust attackers. Read more here.

So, what did The curious Greek do that day? Well, upon arrival, all women and men had to cover up their hair before entering the temple. The men were sitting on one side, and the women on the other, and there were music playing.
While the musicians were playing, the grandfather, with a large feather duster looking thing, was waving away evil spirits from the alter.
The priest appeared in front of the alter, reciting from holy scripts:
Then they are all praying for the boy-to-become-a-man, and he enter and sits down in front of the alter. The curious Greek - to the right in the picture.
Then they put on the new man-turban (the old small black boy-turban is history now) (and all without anyone seeing anything of his hair -  Source: The curious Greek - who was close enough)
After the ceremony, the boy received blessings and gifts from family and friends. A bit similar to the Christian confirmation really. This is my favorite moment: - all the blessings given from loved ones- and a bit of a shy teenager-shy from all the attention to receive them - so sweet -and the same thing all around the world right?

After the ceremony, it was party time! A party with food and celebration for the growing-up-sikh with his family and friends. And like usual in Indian celebrations: plenty of delicious food to choose from:-)

So, with a humble feeling of gratitude and joy from the (not-so-much-anymore-) curious Greek, this tale has come to an end. All best wishes for the future for the growing up sikh.

Stay tuned for more, dear reader, and thank you for popping in:-)

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