Thursday, 26 September 2013

India - discover your inner Divas!

Moving far away from my homeland to a new country on the other side of the world, meant moving out of my comfort sone. Living in India has opened up new challenges, new choices, and I have also discovered some new sides of myself that I had NO idea existed - before I came to India. Some not so pleasant sides, and some quuuuite pleasant and interesting sides - which are the ones we want to nurture, right?

For example - WHO could have known that I had a Designer Diva within me? Well, India brought her out! Tempted by all the colors, fabrics, glitter and glam, I guess! Designing my own clothes, dear reader, how cool is that? I did not do that in my pre-Indian life! And my wonderful partner in crime: my sweet tailor- remember I mentioned her before? When I go a bit wild she will shake her head: - No, that will not look nice! - No, that is too Bollywood! - and then with a supporting smile: - Yes, that will look nice! - Yes, that will be good- very Bollywood! And small kind suggestions: - Maybe green instead, and not bright orange AGAIN? - Maybe not gold lace with that one too?!

You see, my inner Designer Diva gets quite carried away now and then - thrilled to be set free, I guess - so she is very generous about bling bling, glitter and glam! Well, let's go with the flow- we are in India right?!

My sweet tailor has her own business- which she started - against all odds, and she was running on pure will power in the beginning. It is small and nothing fancy, but she works with her big passion in life, and that really shines through in her clothes. Oh, dear reader, she can do magic - you should see how she transfers my high-flying glittery ideas in to wonderful outfits. And she laughs with me when I tell her:  - You know, I was wearing the blue kurta you made yesterday, and a woman asked me - Oh, that is a nice top, where did you get it? I smiled and say: - Oh, it's tailor made! Not to be bought anywhere- sorry!

One of a kind, my lady, one of a kind - made by the Design Diva and her allies:-)  
New creations waiting to be picked up
And some fabric for the I-do-not-want-to-blend-in people out there - add one of these on the front of your dress:

Wonderful fabrics, - just waiting to be discovered by your inner Designer Diva:


And her Guru, Ganesha and other Hindu Gods are present in her shop - always close by:

So, nope, no more ready-made for me I think - and homeland:  watch out for a more bling-bling version of me the next time I see you:-)

All the best, dear reader!
Ta ta from Mumbai!


  1. I love those patterns and designs, Eli and it's really creative to go about mixing and matching to tailor make your own style statement. Lovely captures and looking forward to seeing your bling bling version pretty soon :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Arti:-) I really appreciate it:-) Have a lovely weekend:-) - bling bling:-) :-)

  2. oh how I miss designing my own clothes. Being in the opposite situation - living an american life - means everything is cookie cutter - absolutely nothing is tailor made! Kinda depressing. I'm so excited to have found your blog - I'm from mumbai and I miss it dearly. I'd love to hear about your experiences there!

    1. I can imagine you miss it! It is so fun to make! Thank you so much for your kind words:/) I am so happy to connect with you:-) Best to you:-)


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