Friday, 13 September 2013

Festivals in India

- What do you miss the most from India, Poonam? I asked my good Indian friend this summer. She lives in Norway. - The Festivals! - she laughed, without a moment of hesitation. - The Festivals!!!!!!

No wonder! The festivals in India are amazing - and just as loud, cheerful and colorful as I had pictured them to be, before we moved here! And this year I am waaay more prepared for them! You see, last year, I could suddenly find myself in the middle of a crowd of drumming, cheering, dancing people and I had absolutely no idea what was going on! (Confused-newly-arrived-to-Mumbai-creature....)  But people were so including! Waiving hands and smiling faces welcomed us: - Come here! Go in the front so you can see better! Let the foreigners through! Join us! Try it! Come! Come! And we were pushed up front, a bit taken off guard, but joined in the best we could, a bit overwhelmed to put it mildly. Go with the flow, .....right? Eh, right!

And there are lots of festivals! Lots! Well, dear reader, this year I am more prepared. And I will understand why all the women suddenly wear green sarees one day. I know why they tie colorful bangles to each others arms. I get why a live pyramid of climbing people suddenly emerge in front of me ( but I still swallow hard-watching that little guy on the very top up there). And the giant Ganesha statues  --- well they do not make me freeeeeze:-) this year, and I understand why He receives such a warm welcome!.

And speaking of Ganesha. We are still in the middle of the Ganesha festival, and drumming, dancing, cheering and celebrating is going on non-stop! Today we are off to visit some friends and their Ganesha. I actually got quite moved to see how many have an almost personal relationship with their Gods. Ganesha has been treated as their dear guest. And just as when a dear guest has visited you and it is time to leave - well, it is a bit sad to say goodbye. However, we join in the prayers that Ganesha will come back early next year. So, it is not really a final goodbye - more a: See you again! That makes it easier..And that's the way it is when dear friends, family and guests leave, right? - Until we meet again:-) See you! 

So- to be continued.... more Ganesha tales are coming up....

I wish you a wonderful day,  dear reader!

PS: If you want to know more about the festivals in India, you can check out A list of the festivals in India.


  1. Finally got around to read some of your blog....You write so it....the post with the tzatsiki hmmm....guess what I'm making tonight ? We don't celebrate Ganesha like you did so I missed out on a festival ! Too bad I guess I have to go south or to Mumbai next year if I want to see it.
    I'll check in on your blog again soon.
    have a fantastic weekend...Susanna

  2. Thanks Susanna- for your sweet words:) So appreciated! Yes, you should come here for this festival- it's amazing:-) A continuous wonderful weekend to you too. Warm thoughts:-)

  3. Love this scene!Thanks 4 the pic which reminds me of my childhood days:-)

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Shwetha! Must be happy memories:-)Today the big Ganeshas will be immersed... Have a lovely day:-)

  4. There's nothing like festivls in india. It really isn't the same celebrating them overseas...

    1. They are fantastic! And this time of the year is busy:-) One festival ends and another starts....:-) Love it!


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