Monday, 23 September 2013

Some moments to remember

- All these days that just came and went .... little did I know that they were life itself..*

My beloved late grandfather was an enthusiastic collector of small wise quotes like this, and he showered them over us grandchildren whenever he had a chance. - Listen to people, he would say, there is something to learn from every person who comes in to your life. And the last few days has really been all about persons for me, dear reader.

So, nope - no big exploring excursions, no travels, no adventurous experimenting in the kitchen. It has been about people and moments - the small things which make your day - and by that - make life itself. I cherish those moments, I feel them and try to be in them. So, what have I really been up to lately?

Well, my oldest child just turned 18, so naturally I had my HUUGE -oh-I-am-so-proud-and-happy-but-oh-why-do-they-have-to-grow-up-so-quickly???- moment *sob*sob* But hipp hipp hurray!
Yes, I am a cake!
My I-feel-so-lucky-and-humble-to-be-part-of-this- moment appeared when I found myself sitting on the floor in a temple in the slum with 37 women who all want new knowledge, and I listen to stories about how their life has been and to what dreams they have for the future and for their children.
From the local newspaper about the self-help group for women
Today I met with the lovely ladies in my book club again, ready to discuss And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini - a good read, I think - ( and the story also takes us to the Greek Island of Tinos:-)) But an emotional moment, because since the last time we met, one of our fellow book-lovers passed away very suddenly. She was with us when we met last month, and it is still hard to grasp that she is no more. We really miss her, and it felt good to share good moments we have had with her with each other.

Colorful flowers - how they fill me with joy! And I enjoy my everyday moments - with my morning coffee on the balcony, watching new flowers come up (PS -Europe: here in Mumbai, we use our balcony every day..:-)) Flowers are here and now, love it! A friend just told me about this white flower in India which blossoms only some hours once a year, and then in the night. Hm - must check out that one.

This week's -pinch-me-in-the-arm-I-am-living-in-India moments (moments which actually appear quite often, to be honest) came up driving around last week... Just seeing these HUGE Ganeshas on their way to - NOT a usual sight driving around in Europe, I assure you! Amazing moments!

And finally- a salute to friendship! My tearful I-feel-blessed-to-have-such-a-good-friend-in-my-life-sad-to-see-you-go-but-happy-that-you-are-going-to-move-where-you-wanted-to-move moment came when I was saying goodbye to one of my dearest friends who is now leaving Mumbai. We have shared laughter and tears, and I feel so grateful to have met her. The tears intensified when she gave me a necklace with the inscription:

A true friend reaches for your hand, but touches your heart.

So, no good-byes - just: see you again! To love and friendship! I hope you cherish your people and your moments, dear reader:-) I wish you the best. Good evening from Mumbai!

*By Swedish writer Stig Johansson. 


  1. HI ELI
    great post and lot to learn on life....great keep it up..I hope u r enjoying Incredible India .....
    I liked it
    Have a great day ahead
    Bhavikk shah

  2. Thank you so much Bhavikk:-) I am so happy you like it! Have a wonderful evening:-)


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