Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Walk-in closets and a dream of a dress

-Eeeeverybody wants walk - in closets now! sighed our friend, working late for the 5th time this week. His company helps Norwegians remodel their houses, building shelves, lockers, wardrobes, doors - and walk-in-closets... The latest biiig thing obviously. Apparently every lady has a dream of her own walk-in closet with hundreds of pair of shoes and a cloth collection for each season.  Hm. I didn't really have that dream before going to India as an expat, and our stay there has certainly not awaken any sleeping dream for walk-ins now either. 

I thought of Mantasha, and I told my friends about that little girl, who at the NGO summer party, shyly pulled my arm, so she could show me... - this is my nice dress, do you like it? She turned around so I could admire it from all angles. That was the only beautiful dress she owned, but she had a dream of getting another one, - a yellow one, she whispered to me. - A yellow one with some silver on, that would be wonderful, she smiled. I think she was picturing that dress...

In their best clothes...
A new dress - a dream for some?

Commercial for walk-in closets. - a dream for some?

Living in India has not made me less aware of the differences in the world, to put it like that. And even though I enjoy fabrics, clothes and shoes too, it makes an impression to listen to Mantasha share her dream. The differences become very close, if you know what I mean. The dreams suddenly have a name and a face and they are right there in front of me: modest dreams about a new dress, a new pair of shoes, shampoo and education. That makes me humble. 

Next month I will meet them all again, when our holiday in Greece comes to an end. But first I will enjoy some more weeks of sea, culture and yoummie food. Have a wonderful day dear reader, and thanks for reading my blog:)  

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