Sunday, 14 July 2013

Finally: The Sea and One Happy Greek!

Crystal clear blue green sea, dolphins, bright green cypress hillsides, small white houses with red roofs, long nights at the tavernas with kalamarakia, ktapodakia, kolokithakia tiganita, salatates

Oh, yes, dear reader, the expats have been on the move again - this time from one home country to another! After a wonderful month in Norway we are now to be found at the golden sandy beaches of Greece, and splashing in the Aegean sea. And finally I get to show you what I have been talking about.... All my bla-bla-bla about the SEA- remember? My dear Greek who has been longing and longing for the thalassa...

Well, here we are and here it is- finally - :The Sea... and this is the view from our balcony, almost at sunset.

The sea is all around, and how beautiful it is! In the daytime we go to the beach or out with the boat, and in the evenings we gather at the cafes or tavernas, or just go for a walk - at the sea promenade - of course
Frappe at the beach!

Same procedure as last year... The Greek and his beloved Sea...

Crystal clear water...
Golden sandy beaches...
So, we are having relaxing days in our second home country, Greece, and like I showed you 
some touristy sides of Norway, I will show you more from here too! Right now though, it is just The Sea and us- but more of Greece will follow. The Greek is very very very happy, I tell you:-) 
Stay tuned, dear reader, for more Greek tales!
Ta ta - apo tin Ellada

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