Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Expat vacationing - do as the locals?

Yes, dear reader, I have just completed my first expat year! Yeeeeah! So, I am therefore also a first-time-expat-vacationing-in-my-own-country-person! Already half way into the summer I can say this much: vacationing back home is haard work - but I mean that in the most positive way!

But really, I can not just lay in the park and watch the grass grow, you know! As the returning expat I have felt like a mix of the new-kid-in-town-and-the-homecoming queen, and it is catch up-time, share expatliv-time and visit-time with family and friends. We have to meet eeeeverybody!

This week, the expat teens and I have been on a road trip. Since we can not drive ourselves in Mumbai, it felt great to be cruising around again.. (but at the same time missing the Mumbai style- at least the parking part...)  A highlight for us was hanging out with my sister and her family who live in Oslo, and continuing to play tourists in our own country. So, we did what the locals do - and besides walking on tur, we visited museums, like the Munch collection and this amusing place:
Ha ha ha - great snapshot eh?

A great place for explorers and curious minds:-)
Summers in Norway can be a bit of a lottery- what the weather is concerned. Many Norwegians go to Spain, Italy or Greece- just to be sure they will have sun and warm weather. Some Norwegians also visit our neighbors - Denmark or Sweden! And that is what we did (after all- we are soon going home to our Greece too
) so our road trip took us to Sweden, to the west coast: small idyllic villages by the sea like Grebbestad, Fjellbaecka also known from Camilla Laeckberg's books and something for the youngest.. Here are some moments from our Swedish roadtrip:


Resø island

And the sea- always close by..Wonderful:)
 I hope you have had a great start of your week too, dear reader! Enjoy your moments! 

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