Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Kavala - tourist special

So, in my confusing exciting expat world I now have 3 hometowns! You have already read my tales from my bustling Mumbai and you have heard about my coming-home-to-Bergen, right? And then there is Kavala!

Kavala, with the green hills covering her back. Kavala, majestically overlooking the blue blue sea and the gorgeous island of Thassos. Kavala with the harbor and promenade, with proud historic sights, classy shops, cozy cafes, long beaches, and a lot of cultural events. Kavala, where we lived when my daughter was a little girl and from where my memories are strong and happy. Here is my Kavala - hope you like it too:)
Kavala, and a lazy boat-moment
From the harbor towards the old parts of the city
One of many pedestrian areas- nice to walk around in
Stairs going down aaall the way to the centre of Kavala 
The harbor promenade - a nice place to see and be seen - and lots of coffee bars too, just by the sea!  
Kavala is placed on the mainland of Greece, east of Thessaloniki which is the second largest city. Also for tourism it has eeeeverything you can wish for. And of course this is our favorite part of the country:) 
Tempting? You can find more information about Kavala here
Tata from Greece:)  

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