Sunday, 14 July 2013

Karpouzi with a (sea) view

Breakfast with a view
Good morning from the balcony! And here in our Greek mansion that also means enjoying a good breakfast  - with a  beautiful view! Sea view... Ok, ok - enough talk about the sea soon? Yes, maybe...  But today I was enjoying my breakfast with watermelon with feta cheese and yougurt with honey and the obligatory coffee: frappe.

A wonderful thing about living in India is the fresh fruit and vegetables available all year round. My favorite is the watermelon, but living in India has also made me looove the mango! Now, it is watermelon season in Greece, so I just go crazy: so juicy and so sweet! Watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Sure! Why not? 

This is how we had in served at a taverna the other day: on ice in a wooden boat by the edge of the sea:
Karpouzi on ice- by the edge of the sea

So, dear reader, our Greek adventures continues...
Have a wonderful day - wherever you are!

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