Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Under the stars with Sakis and Dionysus

Our summers in Greece are not only about splashing around in the Aegean Sea. Our Greek summers are for me a lot about culture and history, about music and dance and theatre. And it is all happening outdoors: next to the sea, under the stars & the moon, at ancient amfitheatres on green hillsides. How can I not love it?

So, I was thrilled when we lined up at the ancient theatre of Filippi, to enjoy Euripides' play Bacchae. Well enjoy and enjoy..? - it is a classic Greek Tragedy about King Pentheus and his mother and their punishment by the God Dionysus because he refuses to worship him. (very short version..) And in a leading role as Dionysus, the wine God himself, Sakis Rouvas!

Sakis is a popular singer and artist- kind of a national icon really. Europeans know him from Eurovision Song Contest where he has represented Greece 3 times, and his "Shake it!" remains the best selling standard single of all times in Greece. So, how did he do in a classical play? Well, have a look:  

The ancient theatre of Filippi- before the play
Sakis and the Bacchae- the followers of Dionysus.

And Dionysus, the wine God appears..

The festival at Filippi goes on every summer: with tragedies, comedies, concerts and plays... I think our meeting with Sakis and Dionysus only made us want more. Cultural input under the stars in soft warm summer nights. Wonderful moments! Enjoy your moments dear reader.

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