Friday, 5 July 2013

6 Memorable Mumbai Moments

This morning I was, as usual, sitting with my cup of tea in the kitchen: looking out at our green garden. A quiet, peaceful time of a rather rainy grey summer day in Bergen. I closed my eyes, and -bam- my mind went back to Mumbai. With some distance to our year there: what was the first memories that came to my mind?

1. The first time I met the kids at the NGO where I work as a volunteer.
2. The arrival of the famous Guru, who stayed at our neighbors'. And then later finding out that we had, in our Powai Explorers group, made a puja for the same Guru some months earlier! Crazy!
3. This little girl...
4. Thinking about the NGO summer party made me laugh, and also brought some tears...

5. These guys..

6. The first time the kids got to take a book from our little library home..
And now, dear reader, it is getting difficult.. In a way our Mumbai year is an eeeendless stream of Moments. Happy, sad, angry, funny, unbelievable Mumbai moments. Moments with my hubby, with the expat teens, with new dear friends, and moments of exploring, of laughter, of tears...

I take another sip of my tea, grateful for the memorable moments, and soooo ready for more! Cheerish your moments dear reader, and good evening from Bergen!
- and after rains comes sun..:)

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