Monday, 26 August 2013

Travel India - but where to go?

- Oh, you have to go to Delhi! It is nothing like Mumbai! My friend (who happens to be from Delhi by the way!) is crystal clear in her recommendations! Another friend praises Pondicherry, yet another fell in love with Udaipur and a neighbor keep asking me every time we meet: - So, did you go to Kerala yet? No, not yet? You must go! Promise you'll go!

Ouu - the list is looong, (and the more people I speak to, the longer it gets). And then we have our dear guinea-pigs - remember when we sent them out to explore India? They have their favorites too, I have seen. So, the guinea pigs did some testing and now it is our turn! I have a loose plan in my head (of course I do..)  - so let us see where we will go - on this first (of hopefully more) trips in India. So, dear reader, maybe you have your favorite Indian destination too?

So, even though I was suppose to clear my mind from all thoughts today, I didn't quite manage to do so. Wait, what? Why is that? Well, you see, I started a very interesting class today - including meditation. It hasn't really been my cup of tea before, but we were off to a pretty interesting start on this one. Maybe with Indian Meditation I will finally get it? You know?! Well, I will keep you posted on my progress:-) And I know for yoga, practicing in India took my relatively modest yoga passion to a whole new level. Love it!

I hope you have a good Monday, dear reader, and thank you for following:-)

And - PS: Goa, we have already visited:-):


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