Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Back home to Mumbai

- I was waiting so much for you to come back. I was counting the days. I was waiting and I say to myself every day: now they will come in fifteen days, now they will come in ten days...

Aaaaah, how can we not feel good about a welcome-home-greeting like that? Yes, we are back in India, back home that is! After a long summer break, we have returned to Mumbai -  waaaay more experienced expats than last year...Oh yes. And what a great feeling - to come home, to friends who were waiting and to people who were happy that I finally managed to tear myself loose from the Aegean Sea, the beaches, ouzo, kalamarakia and the Greek Gods. - What took you so long? 

Yes, it is funny to think about that one year ago we arrived for the first time: the new fresh-off-the-plane-expat-family who didn't really know what to expect... - a bit blown away by traffic, cows, smells, colors - well, in short - by India. Now, I know. And I like it, and I am ready for more. More exploring, travels and everyday adventures in this bustling city. More Mumbai. More India.

Hello home, it is nice to be back!

A last peaceful Greek moment before departure:-)

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