Sunday, 18 August 2013

One year in Mumbai

Yes, we have now lived in Mumbai for over a year! And what a year it has been! After a long holiday in Norway and Greece, and now starting our second year- I look back, and be sure, dear reader, things are quite different this autumn than it was last year.. So, what comes first to my mind when I think back to:

August 2012: Chaos! We arrive in Mumbai, and it is Overwhelming. We are still in a hotel, because the apartment is not ready after all. It is raining all the time and I wake up some mornings thinking: What have we done?! One day, at a traffic light, there is an elephant next to our car! I learn that there really are a lot of cows in the streets in India, and sometimes also an elephant.

September 2012: We see the amazing colorful Ganesha festival, and I learn that Indians are very including. We move into an apartment = new levels of chaos. I learn that 11 am Wednesday does not necessarily mean 11 am Wednesday here, that the best meat is in a shop 2 hours drive away, and I discover COD. Oh heaven!

October 2012: The Powai Explorers is up and running, and I learn new things like why the Jains do not go out after dark,  how to wear your belly with pride and what a sudrah is.
Powai explorers on tour:-)
November 2012: I found "my" NGO. We celebrate Diwali and go to Goa for the first time. I realize that learning Hindi will be a big challenge and I write my very first blogpost. Yeeey!

Desember 2012: We have wonderful Christmas parties and lunches with new friends, and I hunt for Christmas decorations. I learn to try to bargain hard and long at the markets. I have some moments I will never forget, and some funny Indian moments in Malaysia.
A moment I can not forget
January 2013: My Greek in-laws are visiting. We go to Dharavi. I learn not to take no for an answer, and I learn to be more pushy when standing in a non-existing- ladies-washroom-line.
Kids in Dharavi
February 2013: Friends from Norway come to visit and we have a guru next door. NRK visits the NGO. I learn the names of all the kids in my class, and I learn how to make Dal and fresh lemonade- Indian way.  
NRK at the NGO
A Guru next door... 
March 2013: My parents are visiting. Our library is born. The crazy Holi-festival is on, and I learn not to wear my usual clothes during this holiday. I also learn that everything I had ever heard about FRRO is true.

Our NGO library is born! Yey!!
April 2013: This month I learn what a pineapple bush looks like and how cashew nuts are harvestedThe backpackers are visiting. I learn that April is a steaming hot month in Mumbai, and that indoor activities also can be nice.
The cutest pineapple plant..
May 2013: A month filled with joyful parties and sad goodbyes. I am on an emotional roller coaster this month,  dear reader: NGO summerparty, 17mai, a wedding... I learn that I have made many really good friends in Mumbai, and that it is going to be sad to leave - even though only for 2 months.

A wedding in India

NGO summerparty:-)

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of my first year in Mumbai, dear reader. I am ready for the second one, and you are heartily welcome to come along. Stay tuned for more tales, and thanks for popping in.


    Thats my blog on Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka.I hope it will help u to explore beautiful district which includes places like Gokarna,Dandeli,Murdeshwar etc etc..

    1. Thanks! Yes, would be interesting to explore some more:) All the best!


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