Friday, 16 August 2013

The Two Hammocks' Tale

Dear reader,
The world is full of coincidences, they say, and today I sure had mine. And it has been on my mind all evening. Or what do you say about this moment:

I am sitting in the car, going home after a trip to Navi Mumbai. I have dived into an email from a friend. She is at Goa right now, and she loves it - because this year they sat up a hammock in the yard. So, she is describing how nice it it, with the view, and how she can lie there with a book and admire the green leaves on the tree above.

I read and I smile at her enthusiasm, and then I look up and out the window. I stare right in to a ... What? I can't believe it - a hammock, well a sort of a hammock that is. A baby is lying inside, and a little girl, maybe his bigger sister?  is standing next to it, pushing it slowly back and forth. Maybe trying to get him to go to sleep? -  in that busy traffic junction we are at. Oh, dear reader, the everyday moments here are crazy. Well, a hammock is not just a hammock to me anymore after today, I'll tell you that much....

A hammock:

And a hammock:

I hope you have had a good day, dear reader, and enjoy the start of the weekend wherever you are. 
Good evening from Mumbai!   

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