Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Giving Juhu a second chance

Dear reader,
I love the name Juhu! It is as close as you can get to a joyful loud roar - at least back where I come from- that is. I have always liked it, and one of my first wonderful moments from Mumbai is also from Juhu. Usually when we have been to Juhu, the beach has been packed with people, lots of people -  watching the sunset, eating from the food-stalls, playing games, watching magicians, talking, walking, being...

This morning the beach was almost empty, and it looked almost clean (at least from a distance..) Because of the monsoon, the sea washed up a lot of garbage, and on our first try last week - well- let's just say it was not so pleasant. But then an army of cleaners and some trucks appeared and this morning it looked really nice! So - a second chance for Juhu! Juhu! And is it like the monsoon is starting to let go now? This morning the sun was shining bright and clear from a blue sky over the beach. Lovely!

Oh, how I enjoyed the moments at Juhu today! Nothing beats sea breeze:-). We walked up and down again, and feeling the sun and wind and the soft breeze from the sea - lovely moments and a wonderful start of the day! -- and well, yeah - ok, so a few clouds gathered later in the day. That's ok! :

I hope you had a good day too, dear reader. Have a wonderful evening:-) 

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