Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Big Fat Greek Salad

I am a true loyal supporter of The Greek Cuisine! And loving Greek food like I do, there is no better place to be than in Greece herself right? Now, when our summer days in Greece are coming to an end, I do feel a slight touch of desperation: - Sarmadakia- did I taste them this year? - One more plate of Kalamarakia! - Kolokithakia tiganita? Melitsanosalata? Kefalotriri saganaki?- bring them over! Now! 

Yes, I recreate some of the dishes back home in India, but you know: the tasty Indian food is waiting... and by the way, some of my favorite ingredients can be found only in Greece - the view, the sea, the people...In other words: Greece herself, I guess:)

You remember I have a thing for thali, right? Well, it Greece, when dining out, we usually order a variety of small dishes, and everybody eats together from those - the best way to enjoy I think! The first dish to arrive the table, is the one that appears in every one of our meals, and the dish that everyone throws themselves at: The Greek Salad! We usually order angourodomatasalata-me-boliko-kremidi! Puh! Then you will have a cucumber/tomato salad with lots of onion (kremidi) and some olives. We often order feta psiti (grilled feta cheese), or tirosalata (a spicy feta cheese dip) or kefalotiri saganaki (a salty fried cheese), a perfect addition to the Big Beautiful Greek Salad. Together with good company and fantastic view, these meals could last for hours for my part! Day after day!

Salad with feta psiti and kolokithakia tiganita (fried zucchinis) - another favorite:
And with big black olives - in Nafpaktos:
Salad with a view - from Lefkas:
And the salad is obligatory at barbeque-night with my big wonderful Greek family! Some are barbequing while we- the lucky ones - can sit and start to enjoy the yoummie homemade salad - and lots of other dishes... Aaaaaaa - Let the party begin!
How we make our salad?
We chop (big, red, juicy) 3 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers and 2 peppers. Mix. If you like, you can slice an onion and add on top. Add some olives and pour over some olive oil and vinegar and sprinkle over a little salt and pepper.


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