Sunday 23 November 2014

Happy birthday expatliv!

2 years ago today I published my very first blogpost. A handful of people read that one, mostly family and friends (who I think felt that they had no choice really)..

During those 2 years lots of things has happened and my baby has grown into a more confident and mature 2 year old. But still a 2 year old...You know how they can be like...:-)

  • has 264 blogposts
  • has 98 859 pageviews
  • has 3374 published comments
  • has most readers from India, USA, Norway, France, Germany and Russia
  • 's most read blogpost is Expat Epidorpio
  • 's most commented blogpost is D for Disneyland
As I have mentioned before, the wonderful side effect of blogging is the network of friends, fellow bloggers, writers and others I have connected with all around the world through my blog. Sharing excitement, laughter, tears and anger through comments and communication has been wonderful. I have loved writing and receiving guestposts

More and more expatliv has turned into a global fusion blog... where people, music, culture, food, idea, thoughts and philosophy travel across borders of countries. I think that has become the essence of me and my blog. Know your roots, but be open to new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking. There is always something new to learn from another person. And a new friend - can pop up from anywhere. That's what I believe anyway. 

So, dear reader, a warm Thank You for coming along so far. I hope you have enjoyed the ride, and do stay tuned for more. Let's see where that two year old will take us next...:-)




  1. Happy 2 year blogoversary! Here's to many more years of blogging! :)

  2. Heart Congratulations, Eli! Wishing you many more milestone achievements in your blogging journey! Cheers ♥

  3. Congrats Eli. Glad to see u rock and wish u many more years of blogging % clicking:)

  4. That is a significant and commendable achievements within two years.Keep blogging and reach 500 milestone quickly.
    What I like best is as you said your blog has become Global fusion Blog intermingling varied cultures and traditions.It is a learning experience to browse your blog.Keep it up!

  5. It's great to see milestones achieved. Continued success with your blog Eli! :) <3

  6. YAY!!! Happy 2 years of blogging to ExpatLiv and hearty congratulations for many more dear Eli! I have totally enjoyed my journey along with you and am so grateful to cross my blogging path with a kind hearted blogger like you. When I look back, I feel like having learnt so much about my own city through your eyes. Ah, what a journey it has been! Thank you, Eli for taking us along and just... for being there... your presence makes this blogging world really rich and endearing for people like me!! :) Loved your new header and the tagline too - keep those confessions coming!

  7. Dearest Eli,
    Sincere CONGRATS to your 'terrible two'! Well, that's just kidding; you know me better.
    You always have so many interesting and at times thought provoking posts to share. That makes this so interesting!
    Sending you hugs and love,

  8. Many many congrats dear Eli! Love the essence of your blog...keep up the wonderful spirit! Lv

  9. Congratulations Eli and happy blog birthday. I agree, it's the "meeting" people on-line and the feedback that is the best part of blogging.

  10. Hello and congrats on two years
    Today marks two months and I've managed to gain 90 followers and 4000 page views on only 35 posts. I started it because I like to write but also to make some contacts. Diane and I are retiring early due to my unexpected layoff and moving to SE Asia in the spring. Your blog is well crafted and I will follow along; hope you'll give us a look at

  11. Thank YOU sweet Eli for being such a wonderful and generous person with a big warm heart. I'm so glad I found my way to your lovely blog. A true treasure in bloglandia. And I'm looking forward to many more years following glimpses of your life here on Expatliv.

    Take care sweet Eli and many congrats to your blog birthady!♥


  12. Happy second Eli! I have always enjoyed reading your blogposts and looking forward to many more!

  13. Hello Eli Maam,
    WISHING YOU & YOUR BLOG A VERY HAPPY 2 BIRTHDAY !! & wish you many more successful years ahead :)
    Its being very pleasant experience every time I visit your Blog..
    And many a times ur posts has made me see my mumbai in different way..
    Thanks Maam, Thanks for sharing with us!!!
    Once again Wishing you a Very Happy Second Birthday !!
    Have a wonderful day Ahead
    Bhavikk Shah

  14. Hey Eli...where are you? Missing you! ;) Have you taken a break from Fb? I was in Mumbai few weeks back and thought of connecting with you... :)

  15. Congratulations on having spent two years in the blogging world. I have been writing hubs (similar to blogs) and blog posts for about eight years now, and I enjoy it more all the time.


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