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Thanks for visiting my blog:-) I am Eli, the global (con)fusion-ista:-)

I am a traveler. I know my (Norwegian) roots, but I am happy living elsewhere also. When I was 18,I bought a one way ticket from Norway to Latin-America. I have lived many years in Greece and in India.

I named my blog expatliv because I write about my life as an expat: living in a global world. Being an expat means to live outside your home-country, and for me, moving abroad, has also often been about moving far out of my comfort zone. Far out... Liv means life in Norwegian - so life as an expat:-)

Having said that, I believe in traveling with an open mind and an open heart. Know your roots, know where you come from, but also be open to new ways of doing things, new ideas, thoughts, perspectives.. Explore a new culture, history and cuisine. By doing that (intensely), I have ended up as a global fusion-ista (as a friend called me)... Or should we say confusion-ista?

In my professional life I have worked as a leader within international relations, journalist, teacher and within tourism, HR and public relations. In India I volunteered with an NGO and worked in the slum area in Mumbai, the most personally rewarding job I have ever done. My big passion in life is writing, and I do a lot of that, including some work for magazines, and as you can see here - I blog. You can find an overview of published work here.

So, wherever I go, my aim is to take with me the best from my past and meet my new surroundings with an open and curious mind. And then, I enjoy the art of fusion my global life:-)

NB! I write my blog in English, which is not my mother-tongue, so please forgive me- all native English speakers for my eliexpat version of your language.

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