Wednesday 19 June 2013

Ut på tur, aldri sur!

A tiny culture clash appeared when we moved from Greece to Norway- many years ago... For my dear Greek.You see, from our wooden house on the hillside in Bergen, we had excellent view to The Mountain Hikers. Eeevery Sunday, The Greek would, while enjoying his coffee and sigarett, with surprise view the endless stream of people heading up towards the mountains. People with sporty outfits, people with kids, with dogs and with backpacks. - Where are those people going, he would ask. - They going to walk in the mountains, I would answer. -Yes, but to where? What is up there? A nice taverna or coffee shops? Because they would walk to something, right? 

Well, in Norway - walking just for the sake of walking -is a biiig thing. Ut på tur which means going for a hike. Aldri sur - means that you should hike in a good mood, and if you are not in a good mood, the hike will bring you good mood. So, no sad faces! Off we go! The mountain awaits us! Ut på tur, aldri sur!

Growing up, we always went on a hike on Sundays. Through rain, wind and snow: the TUR was obligatory. So, when in Rome, do as the Romans right? The weather gods are on our side these days, and no matter what they say (Like There- is -no- such- thing- as- bad- weather, only- bad- clothing) - I enjoy the TUR so much more when the sun is shining and the colours are bright and shiny. ( And besides, I mainly bring Indian sandals and cotton kurtas with me so..:))
So there I was, standing on the top of the mountain - looking out on the blue fjord, filling my lungs with fresh, sharp clean air: what a majestetic feeling! It fills me up, all the way down to my bare toes in my golden Indian sandals! And I want to just scream out. (My apologies to the Japanese tourist group who happened to pass by) In that moment - oh how I feel my inner Daughter of the Wilderness - emerge! The nature and I! 

Ok, this may seem a bit strange?  In the book: "How to use and understand a Norwegian", Odd Børretzen, describes in a hilarious way the Norwegian's passionate relationship with the nature, and how all Norwegians deep inside have this urge to be Sons & Daughters of the Wilderness. The most funny book! 

Well, in spite of the somewhat unconventional footwear, the renewed daughter of the wilderness got down from the mountain eventually. And after a majestetic moment on the mountain top, I was more than ready for more let's go-for-a-coffee-moments with friends and family!

Have a wonderful day dear reader and enjoy your moments! 

Heading back down to civilisation!


  1. I'm an American expat living in the Bergen area. Several years ago, when my 80-something Dad was visiting us, he'd stand in our living room window on the side of Løvstakken and watch the people walking by say the same thing your husband said.

    "Where are they GOING?"

    "Hiking up the mountain, Dad." -or- "Walking home from the bus, Dad."

    I love reading your blog, from the perspective of a Norwegian expat in another country! (And I sure enjoy your mother country!)

    "An American in Norway"

    1. Ha ha - I guess for foreigners the "ut på tur" is a strange phenomenon! Great to hear my mother country treats you good. I am happy to connect with you - and will sure follow you and check out your blog! Love to see your perspective:-) All the best to you:-)


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