I like the sound of wellness. To me, wellness is the whole package. It is the combination of a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and of feeling happy and good - a holistic concept in other words:-) Wellness is the state of mind I am in when my body and mind is in balance. That's how I feel, but I believe that each and one of us will define our own wellness.

In India I have learned a lot about understanding the person as a whole, and consequently also learned a lot about myself. So, I define my own wellness, and I take full responsibility for my own wellness. Only I can make changes if I need to, and I can not blame others if my wellness is not there.:-)

Personally, for my wellness, these things are important:
- A body in balance.
- A peaceful, open, positive and curious mind.
- Culture - music and books
- Doing good for others

Good mantras that I try to follow for the sake of my wellness:
- let little things go, "let it be"
- not to take things too seriously
- forgive myself and others easily
- enjoy my moments (here and now)

Yesterday is history, tomorrow's still a mystery. Live today!

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