There are like a million tourist guides, travel-books, webpages and opinions on what to do, see, shop and eat while you are in Mumbai. I'll be happy to share my personal experience with you- whether you are a tourist, visitor, expat, plan-to-visit-person - or just curious about - how I see it.

Here are some of the most relevant posts for my maximum city:

Arriving in Mumbai
Prepare yourself - for the arrival at Mumbai airport! 
Expat special: FRRO..!

Some sights and areas that I like:
Gandhis home in Mumbai
Haji Ali
Hare Krishna / ISCON temple Juhu 
Banganga tank
Hanging gardens
A visit to a Parsi area
A visit to Worli fishing village
PS: Tourist track no 1; Gateway, Leopold

Some dining out places I enjoy:
Dining outside in Mumbai -part 1 - Vie lounge, Bungalow9 and Otto Infinito
Dining outside in Mumbai- part 2 - Aurus
My dining out in Powai-guide
PS: Thalassa - the Greek pop-up restaurant

Shopping opportunities: 
Bhuleshwar market
Chor's bazaar
Crawford market
The Gol Deval bazaars
Gorgeous gift-wrapping paper
Christmas shopping
COD and online shops
PS: Sari-shopping
PS2: Marathon shopping with Greek mum-in-law

Just for fun? 
Go to the movies
Learn Hindi?


  1. You have beautifully accentuated the culture and the experiences in the blog, Happy to follow your blog. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words:-) Deeply appreciated!


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