Just as with anything else, I try to take with me the best from cuisines I love, and at the same time be open to new culinary adventures. I am fascinated with music, art - and food: traveling borders. That is why we have a global cuisine in my home. For my wellness, I strive for a balanced diet, and I have found new inspiration in India! I love thali, for different reasons: just India on a plate!  

Here are some of my favorite recipes from our global kitchen - please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments:-)   

Butter Chicken - chicken in tasty sauce. The favorite Indian dish with my family 
Dal - lentils in a spicy disguise. Indian comfort food, I think
Dosa with veg and chutney. Get in the dosa - phase you too. 
Kitchari - rice/lentils. The most wholesome Indian meal- for body & soul
Pakora - the onion ring's exotic cousin. Popular Indian snack, or side dish.
Paneer- for beginners - vegetables& Indian paneer - simple and tasty
Raita - the perfect Indian yogurt dip

Greek Halva - ready for dessert? The Greek version of the Indian Halva
Greek Pita  - cheese pie with homemade dough. Secret's in the Soda... 
Greek salad - it doesn't get easier than this - and yummy&healthy too!
Greek tzatziki & kolokithakia tiganita - yogurt dip and fried zucchini 
Moussaka - Greek traditional dinner dish! You will love this! 
Yemista - stuffed peppers & tomatoes. A taste of Greek summer

Hakka Noodles - Asian dish with vegetables & chicken. A favorite with the teens 
Spanakopita, Spring rolls and Samosa - Samosa Patti on a global culinary journey
Summer soup - easy to make & adjust. A veggie favorite

Expat epidorpio - a flexible and global dessert. 
Gingerbread cookies - a Norwegian Christmas favorite. 

Bon apetit!

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