Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The road to Agra

As a 10 year old girl (in the city of Bergen on Norway's west coast), I read a book which made an impression on me. I re-read it, and I tasted the name: - Agra - Agra - Agra - all the way on the other side of the world somewhere.... Where was that? Could I go there sometime? Would that be possible? I kept the book, and when I had kids, I read the book to them too.

And there I was. Some decades later. In the car - on the road to Agra! From Jaipur to Agra to be specific. Oh, dear reader, I could not help myself : every time I saw the sign "Agra", my mind went to my childhood book, and I had that silly little smile on my face: I was going to Agra! Pinch my arm!

In the book The road to Agra* we follow Lalu (13) and his sister Maya (7) on their journey from Allahabad to Agra to seek help for Mayas eye disease (which may cause blindness). It is a dramatic story: the kids meet both bad and good people and they are threatened by snakes and jackals. They get an elephant ride, and see camels. ( Utterly exotic for a 10- year- old in Norway, I tell you!) The journey is hot, dusty and exhausting, but Lalu and Maya never loose spirit - please let the hospital in Agra help Maya! Need I say there is a happy ending??

So, except for the signs saying Agra - we had also had some interesting sights along the way, still exotic for an expat in India. Slowing down in front of a toll booth, this one came up right next to us :
- not sure what he payed :-) - but he got through the toll both a lot faster than we did:-)

Leaving Jaipur, we talked about how we saw most motor-bikers wearing helmets there (in Mumbai, we often see only the driver wearing one). Ladies in sarees with helmets, kids, the whole family - all with helmets - and then this family of 5 on a motorbike appeared:

Of course the cows were in the middle of the road on the road to Agra too! Ok, ok- I was a bit carried away by the touristic atmosphere: Cows on the road everyone! Cows on the road!:-)

So, elephants, snakes and camels: - we saw you too! On the way to Agra---

And yes, dear reader, the road finally took us to Agra. What we found there - might not come as a shocking revelation to you..? Stay tuned, if you want to know....-) Thanks for reading:-)

Have a wonderful day:-)

*The book: The road to Agra was written by Aimée Sommerfelt and was first published in 1959. It has been translated into 17 different languages. 


  1. yep Agra has a lot of touristy sights for expatriates!!


    1. Indeed - tourists from all over the world seemed to have found their way to Agra:-) Best to you

  2. nicely covered :) did u try chaats over there. Apart from tourist places Agra is famous for its food - chaats n peta (dessert from ash gourd )

    1. Thank you Smitha:-) Think I might have to head back and try some more of their food! Indian food is too yoummy:-) Best to you:-)

  3. I am so happy for you Eli, that you finally made it to Agra, I love to read about your observations - they are so interesting. I am sure you had a great time there, I am all tuned to read more. :)

    1. Thank you dear Arti. Your positive feedback make me happy! Have a wonderful evening:-)


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