Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mumbai Monsoon Music Medley

So, I woke up with this song on my mind. It refused to go away. I was humming while I enjoyed my tea on the balcony, while I brushed my teeth (!) and in the car. It followed me around! I was sitting in the office, singing.. accompanied by the rain drumming on the corrugated iron roof (and dripping through the roof - into a plastic bowl right next to the desk) I only took a break to chat a bit - about when-the-monsoon-will-finally-bid-farewell-this-year?! I had to remind myself that some months ago I was almost longing for the monsoon to come and put us out of our sweaty heat-misery. Ok - so go with the flow- can't change the weather, right? And like Poonam said: - The monsoon will go when it will go, only!

So true! So, what to do? Well, I surrendered to my song. I put it on, there in the office, and the voice of Michali Hatzigianni filled the room. How strange! You see, we saw him live last summer - in a fancy bar in Greece, next to the waves, under the stars - and everybody was singing along. And here I was, in the slum in monsooney Mumbai, in a hut with a leakage, with Hatzigianni and lots of smiling Indian people. Great moment - when culture, art and music travel across borders. And just as I have got to learn and love music from India - I saw that my music was being loved too - by people who never even knew you existed, Hatzigianni! So, some wet monsoon moments and a rainy day in the office - but still lit up by global music medley, colorful clothes, and a lot of smiling faces. Wonderful music does that to people...:-)

So, there is a first time for everything, and today, I'll share some videos with you. It feels natural. Because it would be kind of pointless to talk about my music, without letting you hear it, right? This first video, we recorded on the festival "Plai sto kima" (=next to the waves) - which takes place close to our city Kavala in Greece. We sit on the sand, hear the waves, have the stars and moon above - and everybody just sing along.... Great moment -  Michalis Hatzigiannis:

And, finally - here is my Stubborn Song Of The Day - that I was humming and singing on all day long ... I hope you like it (and that it will not get stuck on you too for days now - he he  ...?) : Same singer with an older song: Choris anapnoi (= breathless):

When I am first at it - let me share one last musical moment. You see, like in India, they also have the modern music, and the more traditional one in Greece. We recorded this moment at the ancient theater of Filippi, where we go every summer to nurture our artistic sides - under the stars...:

Well, some musical moments today, dear reader - I am sure you have your favorites too? Nothing like music to bring out joy and emotions:-) I hope you enjoy your moments.

From Mumbai, I hummingly wish you a wonderful evening:-) 


  1. Very well written Eli!:). Captivating post, I must say.
    "Great moment - when culture, art and music travel across borders". It is indeed!
    Looking forward to hear more stories from you.
    Hope you have a wonderful stay at Mumbai

    1. Thank you so much Nikhil:-) I am so happy you enjoyed it. Best to you- have a wonderful weekend:-)

  2. I can see why that song was stuck in your head all day, very catchy!!
    Nice post :-) have a great weekend

    1. Thanks dear Amelia - so glad you like it:-) A wonderful weekend to you too:-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks sweet Megha:-) Best to you:-)


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