Sunday 13 October 2013

Spanakopita, Spring rolls and discovering Samosa Patti - recipe

How about a 3-in-1-recipe, dear reader? An Indian, a Greek and an Asian - all in one?! If that is not something for a true global kitchen, then I don't know what is!

It all started with me discovering Samosa Patti. For a year now, I have been making my own dough for the Greek pita, remember? Well, sometimes you want to make it the easy way... And the packet of Samosa Patti I came over in our little local supermarket turned out to be perfect for making - not only Samosas, but also Spring rolls - and Greek pita! So, towards where do you want to travel? Wherever you choose, you need 1 packet of Samosa Patti. Follow my global culinary Patti-journey below:

Go Asia - Spring rolls:

You need: Shredded vegetables. We used 3 carrots, 3 dl cabbage, 12 green beans, 1 green capsicum, 4 spring onions, 1 onion and 3 cloves garlic. 1 cm fresh ginger. Frying oil, soy oil, salt and pepper. 4 tsp white flour mixed with water (food-glue)

You do: 1. Heat some oil, and fry the garlic and onion. Add the rest of the vegetables. When they are soft, add soy oil (we used 3 tsp), salt and pepper.

2. Put a tsp filling on one patti, and fold it over the filling tightly, and repeat to the other side- so you pack it in and it gets the shape of a triangle. Glue it together at the end with your flour-glue and press it slightly together.

Your Spring-roll-triangles are now ready for frying: 

3. If you choose to go for Asian (and Asian only!) - you can now deep fry your Spring rolls in hot oil until they are golden/light brown. Let them drain on a plate covered with kitchen roll paper.

If you choose to follow my bad example, and go global (in one evening)- you now travel on to Greece:

Go Greece - Spanakopita and Tiropita:

You need: 2 dl spinach (spanaki), 400 gr feta cheese (tiri) , 2 eggs, pepper. Frying oil. Food-glue.

You do:
 Mash 150 gr feta in a bowl and add the spinach and 1 egg. In another bowl mash 250 gr feta and mix with one egg. The filling is ready to be put in the Samosa Pattis. It should look like this: 

New best friends: Samosa Patti and filling for Greek Spanakopita and Tiropita
Follow step 2 and 3 as explained under the Asian section. Now, if you are a normal person, you will stop here, but if you are as crazy as I am - you will proceed our global journey and move on to the third destination:

Go India - Samosas:

You need: Soy granules. (we used 1/2 packet of nutrela). 1 carrot. 3 green beans. 1 chopped onion, 1 tomato. 1 tsp ginger paste, 1 tsp garlic paste, 1/2 green chili, 1 tsp coriander, cumin seeds, 2 tsp garam masala. 1 tomato. 3 tsp tomato puree. Food-glue.

You do:
Prepare the granules as it says on packet. (be sure all the water is squeezed out after). In a pan fry first the cumin seeds and then add rest of the spices and then the onion and the vegetables. Add the granules and the tomato and let simmer until all liquid is out. Follow step 2 and 3 as explained under the Asian and Greek section.     
 Delicious pita-patti-pastry - served with a colorful salad:-) 
If you were as carried away by this wild -go-global -idea as I was- your kitchen is now filled up with culinary treats from around the world, and you are probably exhausted, and you do not want to hear of Samosa patti ever again. (at least until next month:-))  

I hope you will enjoy!  - and please do let me know which country/version you preferred...:-) Or maybe you have another favorite filling? Or are you a global mind with a global taste, dear reader? Yes to all?:-)

Thanks for following. Have a wonderful evening! 


  1. I find Greeks to be so similar to Indians in so many ways. I have often got raita and tzatziki confused! :D

    1. He he- it is so fun to discover similarities in food etc - all across the world:-) And be inspired by recipes - and spices ..:-) Best to you, Alexandra:-)

  2. I just love samosas but have never tried making them at home. I think I will have to give it a try!

    1. Try and see Asmita - they turned out pretty tasty:-) Have a wonderful day!


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