Monday, 3 June 2013

Veg, non-veg or Norwegian salmon?

Life as an expat in India brings along some - let me call it - kind of unfamiliar questions. I have already told you about the tan or de-tan and the ready-made-or-tailor-made. And not to mention my confusing search for eating outside (or was it inside) in Mumbai.

When I (as a fresh-off-the-plane-expat) made a phone call for our first homedelivery pizza - I just didn't get it. I found my self staring at the phone, desperately pressing my ear closer - to hear what the person in the other end was asking. What? Excuse me? I didn't get what you were asking... Ahhh: VEG OR NON-VEG??!! Meaning: Would you like a vegetarian pizza or a non-vegetarian pizza? Veg is biiig in India and you can easily be kind of dragged into it -because the vegetarian choices are many and everywhere! Just you see- you will be doing the veg wave too:-) Which is a good thing, because the Indian vegetarian dishes are delicious and healthy. The restaurants usually offer a large vegetarian menu, and some restaurants serve only (strictly) vegetarian food. In the menus, each dish is often marked with a small green sticker for vegetarian and a small red sticker for non-vegetarian. In other words: red sticker if the dish contains meat! Yesterday, when we had dinner at this great restaurant which we love, I also discovered that the one side of the sushi buffet was for vegetarian sushi. Yes, sweet corn sushi, olive sushi and mushroom sushi - so in other words:  veg/veggie sushi = sushi without fish.  
Non-veg sushi with fish or veg sushi without fish? Pick and choose! 
I like fish, so I went for non-veg sushi, but I had to try some of the veg sushi too. So either you like veg or non-veg food: the choices are there!

I faced yet another choice the other day when my local fish/meat supplier with exitement informed me: -Today we have salmon from Norway! All the way from my home country to be sold at a small shop in Mumbai, it was like it was calling my name! So, should I still go for the basa-fish or the chicken as I had planned - or...?
And then this image popped up: grilled salmon fillet with cucumber salad in a vinegar dressing served with mashed potatoes.... I just had to go for the salmon, dear reader, just had to...

And it tasted just as good as I had seen in my mind. Norway-in-a-nutshell on a plate.
A rare but welcomed guest in our Mumbai expat home:
grilled salmon with cucumber salad:-) 
Have a wonderful week dear reader, and stay tuned! Good night from Mumbai! 

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