Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Back in Norway - for a little while..

- Where are all the people? - Ooops, oh yes, that is the driver's side of the car! - Wow, it is so green! -The air is so fresh! -It is a bit cold! - Oh %$^$# - that is so expensive! - Did you see thaaaat?

Yes, dear reader, we are back in the homeland - for the first time since we left in June 2012. And our hometown bids us a warm welcome with sunshine and a mild sea breeze. And as you may have understood, we are exited to be back - after an intense year - to see Bergen again! Our lovely city with the sea on one side and with 7 green mountains on the others. How quiet and peaceful it seems...

No one is honking the horn. The cars are driving one by one in an organized proper line. Every car stops for you even when you give an almost unvisible signal that you have an intention of crossing the street. We look up from the car window and the hillsides are bright green and flowery. We see only a few people strolling along the road, in sports wear, walking their dog. The pavements are quite empty. Not like in Mumbai...

We head out for our local supermarket - cheering for the great sight of the stuffed shelves: what to take first? 20 types of cheeses, salami, ham, sausages, steaks, 30 types of brown bread, sour cream, salt licorice, vegetables and fruits we could eat right there. Our heavenly feeling lasts until we come to the cashier - what? I quickly recalculate - almost 7000 rupees !? Wow. Not like in Mumbai...

Well, to be honest, for me, the nicest part of coming "home" is catching up with family and friends. And with the weather gods in a very good mood these days, we can sit outside, enjoy the sun (which doesn't set until laaate night up here north) and talk and talk and talk. After all - it is the people that counts, right? Just like in Mumbai.

So, it is catch-up time in the land of the midnight sun! I hope you are well dear reader, wherever you are!
All the best from Bergen! Stay tuned!



  1. we will be awaiting to listen tales from the fairy-land.....
    sankar bhadra

    1. Thank you, I will try to share some experiences from Norway too - now with my tourist glasses on:-)


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