Sunday 16 June 2013

Bergen - tourist special

My hometown Bergen
- So, what is it like? - Have you seen elephants? -Really, you have your own driver? -What? 8 months without rain at all? -How have you been, really?  Oh, dear reader, it is catch-up time and I feel I have spent most of my week chatting, laughing and even sharing some tears with good old friends. They are bombarding me with questions, and I enjoy sharing my Mumbai expatliv with them, but also to have their news, good and bad. And the best is to be able to give them a hug. I am so grateful for each and one of my friends. You know me - it is all about the people.

The weather has been good, so we have enjoyed some of the outdoor cafes, and have been walking around enjoying parks, nature and sea breeze. You see, Bergen is a nice city to stroll around in, and since I am all of a sudden a tourist in my own city, I have plenty of time to do that.
Ready for yet another catch-up coffee:-)
So, today my post is a tourist-in-Bergen-special: Bergen is situated on the west-coast, and is the second largest city in Norway. Impressed by that? Second largest, eh? Wow! Living in Mumbai with around 20 million inhabitants makes it a bit funny coming back to Bergen, because you see, my city has around 260 000 inhabitants. Yes.Only. But it is the second largest city in Norway which by the way has 5 million inhabitants.Only.

Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains and then there is the sea... The city used to be the capital of Norway, and back when most people travelled by ship it was one of the largest cities in the nordic countries and a trade centre for Europe. The Hanseatic league was well established at the wharf.
The harbour in city centre
And we are soo happy with the blue sky..:)
Bergen is also known for the large amount of the traditional smalll wooden houses painted in different colours. You can stroll around in the narrow alleyways going between the houses.
One of the alleyways 

Wooden houses and cobble stoned alleyways: a known sight in Bergen
And the most funny thing! Some of our good friends here are from India, from New Delhi. They have settled down well in Bergen, and run their own business. One of the most hilarious catching up was the one with them. Just by the first -So, how is life in Mumbai? they started to laugh, and then we couldn't stop. The Indian expats in Norway and the Norwegian expats in India - great time exchanging experiences! I was so thrilled that I almost had to visit the Indian restaurant - of course placed in a traditional Bergen house...

Lille Taste of India - in Bergen!
And if the longing for Indian food, clothes and bags gets overwhelming - there are solutions in Bergen too: India Emporium:- The closest you get to India in Bergen:-) 

So, dear reader, I hope you enjoyed this small taste of Bergen? It has been a great start of our expat holiday, and also other parts of Norway and of course our beloved Greece is coming up... Stay tuned!
Bye bye from Bergen!


  1. So beautiful is your home-town, Bergen! Alleyways lead to calm imageries. Yes, that blue sky naturally reflects purity and joy.

    1. Thank you! It has been nice to see my hometown again:)

  2. Beautiful! place ...Love mountain area...

    1. Thank you so much, Shwetha - I am so happy you like my hometown, and so appreciate your positive comments:-) Best to you:-)


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