Monday 2 December 2013

The Liebster Blog Award to expatliv:-)

Yey! My blog got awarded! Thank you dear blogger friend Pallavi - Diary of an Indian Girl in Singapore - for making me the recipient of The Liebster Blog Award!  Unknown to me until now, - but hey - my blog is only 1 year old, so with enthusiastic childish joy we embrace and celebrate anything new and exciting!

I still felt the need to find out some more. So, I did a bit of research and discovered that the award exists only on internet, and is passed on from blogger to blogger. No physical award, no judges, no absolute rules, no website and no big ceremony (with standing ovations and the world press present). This is a reward you receive from a fellow blogger who in this way shows you that your blog is appreciated and loved, because leibster (German) means exactly that: beloved, dear, kind, sweet, lovely, endearing etc. Originally, it seems to be an award given to new bloggers - as an encouragement and to welcome them to the blogosphere. So, I feel the award says something like: Hey fellow blogger friend. I love what you are doing, and I really think more people should discover your blog! 

So, you can accept the award, thank the person who nominated you and then pay it forward to your favorite bloggers. I think it is a good opportunity to give someone a pat on the shoulder - to show them that you love and appreciate what they do, and also an opportunity to connect with more bloggers, and a chance to discover other blogs.

The rules for receiving the Liebster Blog Award are:
  1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given to you by the tagger plus create 10 questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
  3. Choose 11 more bloggers and pass the award to them.
  4. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. No Tag backs.

Here are the questions I was given by Pallavi, and my answers (in blue):
1. What is your favorite thing about blogging:
- The joy of writing just for fun. And the people (and stories) I meet through my blog
2. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be:
- World peace, food and school for all kids:-) 
3. What is your favorite memory
- The moments when my children had just been born
4. What is your dream travel destination
- I can travel anywhere, in the right company:-) Right now: Maldives  
5. If you could turn back time, what is the first thing you would do
- To place Hitler on a remote island   
6. What is the song that makes you feel happy every time you listen to it
- Vaya con Dios' "Nah Neh Nah"
7. When you close your eyes, what is the first thought in your mind
- Right now: my sister
8. Who was your first crush
- Had a biiig crush on George Michael in Wham! Bummer...
9. Your favorite season
- Summer (so Mumbai climate suits me perfect) 
10. Where is that one place that you go when you want a moment of peace
- The balcony:-) 

Yes, I want to show some of my fellow bloggers that I really enjoy what they do, and I want to encourage their blogging by passing on the award to them. So, dear fellow bloggers, I am paying it forward - Watch out! The Liebster Blog Award is coming your way: 
  1. Cindi
  2. Alexandra
  3. Jay
  4. Megha
  5. Prasad -
  6. Asmita
  7. Amar -
  8. Magda
  9. Smitha - 
  10. Ms Mulberry
  11. Jeena  

I have to admit: I did not do tons of research as to whether you have received the award before, or on how long you have been blogging. I just simply love your blog:-) So, if you are in on the fun, here are my questions for you: 
  1. What do you want your blog-readers to get from reading your blog?
  2. Have you learned anything as a blogger that surprised you? If yes, what?
  3. What time of the day and where do you usually write?
  4. What is your favorite food? 
  5. What are your top 3 favorite travel destinations? 
  6. Describe one happy memory from your childhood.
  7. Describe an achievement you are proud of. 
  8. What is the best thing about you?
  9. What makes you laugh out loud?
  10. If you were the main character in a movie, which actor/actress would you like to play your role?
Thank you again Pallavi! It felt lovely to receive your token of appreciation, and I had fun participating. For me that is the best award possible: having fun, enjoying the moment and having readers who like what they read on my blog. I am very grateful. Thank you to each and one of you:-) 

PS. And I am learning:  I just now added the Google Friend Connect gadget- follow us there:-)

All the best - from a very happy
now-Liebster-awarded 1 year old! So long, dear reader! 


  1. Replies
    1. Your are welcome Jeena:-) I really like your writings:-)

  2. Congratulations, dear Eli! You deserve all those awards and so many more for the passion with which you are blogging and writing! And oh, balcony is one of my favorite places too for grabbing some peace, loved reading all your answers. Here's to many many more awards and features like these. With best wishes, always! :)

    1. Thank you so much dear Arti!! You are the sweetest:-) Best wishes back to you- from one balcony to another:-)

  3. Congratulations Eli. A well deserved award. :D
    Keep Blogging!:)

    1. Thank you so much Nikhil! I appreciate your kind and encouraging words:-) Best to you

  4. Congratulations Eli and also Thanks a lot Eli..:) .this is awesome...

    1. You are welcome Prasad:-) You have a great blog. Keep blogging:-)

  5. Congrats! Thanks for the comment on my First Christmas Market of the Season post! I can imagine that there isn't too much of that in India. How are the holidays over there? So interesting that you live in India!

    1. Thank you so much! So happy to connect with you. Nope- not too much Christmas markets, but lots of other exotic stuff :-)

  6. Congratulations Eli! Well deserved. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much for giving me this award.It means a lot to me.

    1. Thank you Asmita, and you are welcome! Love your blog, so keep blogging and post those inspiring recipes:-) Best

  7. Thanks for the nod Eli! A little encouragement is always welcome! And congrats to you :)

    1. Thank you Jay, and you are welcome:-) Best

  8. ahh.. thats so sweet you Eli!!.. thx a lot.. n congrats to u.. MAny more awards are on ur way.. u deserve that.

    1. Thank you so much Smitha for your kind words:-) Warm thoughts to you:-)

  9. You are most welcome my dear Eli :) loved reading your answers . George Michael eh ;) have a lovely week ahead and keep blogging .

    1. Same to you Pallavi! Hope you have a wonderful week, and thanks again for nominating me:-) It was fun:-)

  10. Congrats! Loved your Table topic answers to the questions. I have been blogging to popularize poetry. Have a look, in case u are inclined to poetry :)

    1. Thank you so much! That sounds great! I will certainly have a closer look at your blog- it seems lovely:-)

  11. Αγαπητή μου Eli
    Θερμά συγχαρητήρια για το βραβείο που πήρες και θεωρώ τιμή μου, που με διάλεξες για να το μοιραστούμε.
    Μου είναι πολύ δύσκολο να κατανοήσω τις ερωτήσεις και πολύ περισσότερο να απαντήσω, γιατί τα Αγγλικά μου είναι φτωχικά και η μετάφραση δεν βοηθάει καθόλου.
    Γι αυτό συγχώρεσε με που δεν μπορώ να λάβω μέρος ενεργό.
    Σου στέλνω την αγάπη μου!

    1. Κανενα προβλημα, Μαγδα μου! Το πιο σημαντικο για μενα ειναι οτι σε δειχνει οτι καπιος εχει το μπλογκ σου στα αγαπημενα του! Απο αυτο χαρηκα εγω πολυ παντως. Και ετσι ειναι το δικο σου μπλογκ σε μενα! / και απο μενα πολυ αγαπη! χχ

  12. Congratulations! But it seems as if you have not acknowledged my forum posts at IndiBlogger and at Expat-Blog, in which I stated that I wanted to write about the Liebster Award, provided that I was nominated for it (or, perhaps, you do not think that my blog was worthy of a nomination).
    If you are inclined, however, perhaps you could mention to the bloggers you did nominate my willingness to accept the Liebster Award.
    Again, congratulations! I do know that very few bloggers are nominated for this award, so it is quite an accomplishment and note-worthy that you have been.

    1. Thank you so much Micky:-) Too pity we can not nominate more - I have discovered so many great bloggers:-) Sure it will come your way- and thanks again for your kind words:-)

  13. Here you go dear :) Thanks once again!

    1. Wonderful! So enjoyed to read your answers Megha:-)

  14. *Finally* have acknowledged you and your generous recognition. Thank you, Eli!


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